Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lizzie | Class of 2018 | Corona del Sol High School | S E N I O R

Keep shining BEAUTIFUL ONE.
The world needs your light.

This is Lizzie.

This is Lizzie!

Seriously, it is rare that you see her looking any different than this!

Lizzie is best described as:
1. Passionate 2. Adventurous 3. Loving

And can I just say this girl OOZES with talent?
Not only does she sing like an angel, but she looks like one too!

Lizzie loves singing, playing the piano (she is crazy good at both)
skiing, performing and writing ... hmmm - she rocks all of those as well!

The one thing she CANNOT live without?
Family (and granola bars...) !

For fun, she and her friends enjoy playing board games, 
having jam sessions, 
watching movies and eating a lot of food!

Her favorite book: Princess Academy
Favorite movie: The Proposal
Her favorite singer? Mindy Gledhill

Lizzie says the one thing people wouldn't know by 
looking at her is that
she loves the smell of  car air conditioning!
(OK - that made me laugh really hard!)

Lizzie will head to BYU in the fall where she will continue to study and grow in music. I cannot wait to see where this girl ends up.

Seriously - everyone LOVES Lizzie.
(Sounds like a great title for a new show!)
She is contagious and funny and brings joy to everyone around her!

I wish you all the best girl! 
Can't wait to see where this journey takes you!

Sofia | Class of 2018 | Mountain Pointe High School | S E N I O R

in how far you have come.
in how far you can go.

This is Sofia!

This Mountain Pointe High School Senior is best described as:
1. Passionate 2. Ambitious 3. Adventurous

And let's just point out the obvious ... she is stunning!
(That hair tho!)

Sofia has done karate for over 10 years and is currently teaching it. 
Ain't nobody gonna mess with her!
She has a strong passion for animals and hopes to become a zoologist or marine biologist.

She also loves running, hiking, reading, traveling
and spending time with her friends and family.

For fun she and her friends love to shop, go out to dinner, hike, 
go to the movies, bake or just hang out at each other's houses!

Her favorite book series: City of Bones
Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds
Her favorite singer/band: Harry Styles, Khalid, Post Malone

Per Sofie, what people may not know by looking at her
is she is a third-degree black belt in tae kwon do!

Best wishes Sofia as you head on to college!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sophia | Class of 2018 | Corona del Sol High School | S E N I O R

This Senior Stunner is Sophia!

She is best described as:
1. Witty
2. Compassionate
3. Driven

Sophia's interests and hobbies include Marching and Concert Band, Comp Gov and the Steel Drum band. 
If you have never heard Corona's steel drum band, 
add that to your to-do list!

The one thing she cannot live without? Her family!

She and her friends love to hike  and go out to lunch for fun.

She couldn't choose a favorite book, there are just too many!
Her favorite movie:  Moana
Her favorite band: The Zac Brown Band!

Sophia says the one thing that people would not know by looking at her is - she is really outgoing, sociable and witty!

Sophia will begin studying Neurophyschology in the fall.

Go get 'em Sophia! 
Can't wait to hear where God takes you!

Jake | Class of 2018 | Corona del Sol High School | S E N I O R


The 3 words his family used to describe him were:

1. Endearing
2. Easygoing
3. Uncompromising

Jake's interests are sports:
basketball and just about any professional sport.
He says the one thing he cannot live without? Basketball!
(And being 1 of 3 boys, that is about all that goes on at their household!)

His favorite book: The Lightening Thief Series
His favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption
His favorite singer: Travis Scott

Jake is off to college in the fall to study 
Physical Therapy (Pre-Med).

I wish you all the best Jake!