Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tiana | Class of 2018 | Hamilton High School SENIOR

This Hamilton High School senior is best described as 

1. Caring 2. Passionate 3. Straight forward

She loves art and being outdoors, and hanging out with her friends; driving around and playing board/card games. The thing she can't live without? Her dogs! Her dream would be to head down to the University of Arizona and major in nursing. Tiana, you were a blast to photograph! Enjoy your Senior Year and best of luck to you as you head off to college!


Shane | Class of 2018 | Corona del Sol High School

Meet Shane! Class of 2018 | Corona del Sol High School
The 3 words that describe Shane the most are Adventurous, Laid-back and Kind. Shane has a variety of interests including Guitar/bass, camping/hiking, music and computer gaming. What is the one thing that he can't live without? HIS PHONE! (I'm guessing 9/10 Seniors would say the same thing!) Shane enjoys time with friends camping or hiking, eating at new places, watching movies and occasionally shooting hoops or playing ultimate frisbee. What is one thing that people don't know about him? He is a huge sci-fi enthusiast! Shane plans to attend college and major in mechanical engineering. Best wishes to you Shane and enjoy your Senior Year!

Katie | Class of 2018 | Laurel Concord Coleridge High School

Meet Katie | Class of 2018 | Laurel Concord Coleridge High School
When I asked the 3 words that described 'Katie-bug" I got : 1. Sunshine 2. Giggles and 3. Happy. She loves swimming, coloring, books about horses and dogs, and hanging out with her sisters. Her favorite singer? Her younger sister Lorna! A couple of things people would not know by looking at this beauty is that she has a handicap, and she can eat a lot too! She is truly one of the most contagious people I have ever met. You cannot be around her and not smile! Katie, you are beautiful and bring so much joy to everyone who knows you. So, so thankful for you and super thrilled that I got to take your Senior Pictures! XOXO

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ivan - [ current obsession ]

This kid!  
He's the REAL DEAL.
He's got so much character... so much that there is a book being published 
with the funny things he has said!  Be looking for it!
The World According to Ivan
I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

I am super honored that Ivan's mom asked me to capture him as he starts his life in 
double digits.

 He also rocks the game of baseball!  
Ohhhhhhhh how I love these black and whites we got of him!!!!



Class of 2018 - It's YOUR year!!!

Let's get this party started!!!!