Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ivan - [ current obsession ]

This kid!  
He's the REAL DEAL.
He's got so much character... so much that there is a book being published 
with the funny things he has said!  Be looking for it!
The World According to Ivan
I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

I am super honored that Ivan's mom asked me to capture him as he starts his life in 
double digits.

 He also rocks the game of baseball!  
Ohhhhhhhh how I love these black and whites we got of him!!!!



Class of 2018 - It's YOUR year!!!

Let's get this party started!!!!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

[ LUKE ] | One year old session!

Look who's ONE!!!!

Anytime this family calls for photos, 
I say YESSSS!!!!!!!!
Not only do they have 3 adorable children, 
mom is usually game to let me try something new.
And this time she was on board with letting
me bring my teepee!

Seriously ...
I can't even!!!!

Those eyes though!!!!

I bet he gets away with a LOT at home, don't you?

What a little cutie!!!!  Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

BRI | Class of 2017 | Marcos de Niza High School

 Meet Brianna from Marcos de Niza High School.
This girl is crazy talented.  
She LOVES to be on stage.
No, she loooooooooooooooves to be on stage.
Whether she is singing or acting, she rocks it.
She doesn't do bad in front of the camera either ...

She is headed to Northern Colorado University 
to continue her theatre career.  
Believe me, her days on the stage are far from over!!!

JENALEE | Class of 2017 | University of Arizona WILDCAT

If you think this girl is beautiful, you should see her 

Jenalee was not only on the pom-line at UofA, she was also awarded cheerleader of the week earlier this year.  Her passion for dance is evident when she is in front of people and immediately draws you in.  

Jenalee is headed to big city living, and all of the amazing dance opportunities those cities offer.  I can't wait to follow her story ...
Congratulations on graduating Jenalee!

ASPEN | Class of 2017 | Northern Arizona University

She is a college GRAD 
and she did it in 

It wasn't that long ago I did her High School Graduation Photos.
My happy meter pegs when I get asked back a 
2nd time to do College GRAD photos!

Here she is sporting her BLUE AND GOLD...