Thursday, January 4, 2018

Kaitlin Stone | Class of 2017 | Grand Canyon University

Meet Katie!
Class of 2017 | Grand Canyon University

The 3 words that describe her the best? 

Those are some pretty good words to describe an amazing nurse-to-be!

Some of Katie's favorite things to do: Camping, visiting Sedona or Flagstaff and movie nights! What is the one thing she CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? Sonic Strawberry Limeade! Her favorite book is the Bible but she also loves Pride and Prejudice. Her favorite movie is either Leap Year or RV. And if you ride in her car, chances are the radio is set to a Country station! Now that she has graduated she will be working in Texas and Colorado with a christian camp ministry called Sky Ranch, and hoping to eventually use her nursing degree in the hospital setting some day in the future.

Katie - You are amazing. So excited for you!
Go get 'em girlie!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Davis Family | Christmas 2017

These girls.
This family.

The Sims Fam | Christmas 2017

Love this family.
And love the colors they chose for their Christmas photos this year!

The Sims Family

Coming Soon! The Thorpe Fam


Sophia | Class of 2018 | Corona del Sol High School

Coming Soon!

Emily | Class of 2018 | Desert Vista High School SENIOR

This Senior Stunner is from Desert Vista High School.
She is described as an Advocate who is funny and energetic!
Outside of school she is very involved in Competitive cheer and social activism.
Emily says she CANNOT live without her cats!
She loves spending time with her friends at trivia night at Native New Yorker and having sleepovers!
Her favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Her favorite movie: Perks of Being a Wallflower
She said that what people don't know about her by looking at her is she is VERY STRONG!
(Seriously, she is the tiniest thing but used to be a competitive gymnast...)

Emily plans on attending Northern Arizona University where she will read lots of books and most likely wear many flannel shirts! :) 

Best of luck up North Em!

Katie | Class of 2018 | Basha High School SENIOR

Meet Katie | Class of 2018 | Basha High School

This cutie can best be described as kind, funny and adventurous!
 Her hobbies include diving, snorkeling and skiing. For fun she loves to grab Dutch bros and hangout with friends. She says that the one thing that people would not know by looking at her is that she is older than she looks! She loves music, and some of her favorite artists are Selena Gomez, Chris Brown and Jimmy Buffett. The one thing she can't live without? JOYRIDE TACOS! 

Katie plans to attend college in the fall as a biology major.

Katie - you may be small but you will do BIG things!